Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The effects of amendments on some soil physical and parameters of retention curve            0000-00-00
2    Effect of gypsum and nano iron oxide powder on saline sodic soil properties and sun flower plant            0000-00-00
3    The effect of organic matter on soil quality and health functions            0000-00-00
4    prediction the soil moisture retention curve with the pore–solid fractal model            0000-00-00
5    effect of different nano iron oxide and MSW Compost coated sulfur in saline-sodic soil on soil properties and yield and yield contributing of sun flower plant    M.Sc.    ghodsi, abbas    2010-10-05
6    Transport and uptak of phosphorus in maize and barley under drought stress    M.Sc.    ahmadi hekmati kar, neda    2010-10-18
7    Modeling of nitrate movement in soil    M.Sc.    nabipoor, mohtaram    2010-11-08
8    Effect of earthworms on Cd and Cu uptake in maize    M.Sc.    azizi, mina    2010-11-08
9    Study the effect of Stockosorb super absorbent on growth properties of Haloxylon and Atriplex    M.Sc.    zangooei, shima    2011-04-25
10    Effect of soil amendments on physical quality indices in saline-sodic soil    M.Sc.    khotabaie, mojtaba    2011-04-25
11    The effects of Nitrogen source and amount on growth indices, yield and ion content of Indian Mustard and soil under saline and sodic conditions    M.Sc.    tandisseh, samira    2011-05-23
12    The effect of different amounts of nitrogen fertilizer and sewage sludge on soil properties and yield of sorghum    M.Sc.    Hosseini, Reza    2011-06-06
13    Estimation of water infiltration rate in soil by some emprical models and shape parameters of soil retention curve    M.Sc.    fakouri, toktam    2011-09-22
14    Effects of different levels of urban solid waste compost, sewage sludge and iron chelate on iron availability of a calcareous soil, yield and yield components of Indian mustard    M.Sc.    alsaleh, alaaeddin    2012-01-16
15    Evaluation of Temporal and spatial variability in soil properties and crop yield with respect to management zones determination and comprehensive model of soil quality prediction    Ph.D    Ghaemi, Marjan    2012-02-02
16    Effect of humic acid, urban solid waste compost and different amounts of P fertilizer on soil P and Fe availability, growth parameters and chemical composition of Plantago ovata    M.Sc.    seyd jamali, zohre    2012-03-05
17    Effect of amendments of bentonite, perlite and zeolite, potassium fertilizer on physical and chemical properties of soil and lettuce plant    M.Sc.    amel, sh    2012-04-16
18    Evaluation the efficincy of differnet models to estimate nitrogen mineralization of some organic manures in defferent temprature and moisture conditions    M.Sc.    madromi, fathaleh    2012-04-16
19    Field Investigation of Concentrated-Flow Shear Stress Equations on Marl soils under Dry Farming    Ph.D    Karimi, Hossein    2012-04-30
20    Effect of animal-skin wastes, biochar and potassium on carrot growth characteristics and soil properties    M.Sc.    nabavinia, fereshteh    2012-05-14
21    kinetics and chemical forms of zinc in salt-affected and contaminated soils    Ph.D    sharifi, zahra    2012-06-14
22    Evaluation of TiO2 and Fe0 nanopaticles transport in soil under steady saturated condition by using Hydrus and MNM Models    Ph.D    fazeli, mahmood    2012-06-14
23    Study the relationship between soil quality indicators and economic yield of saffron in Ghaen area    M.Sc.    ranjbar, amir    2012-06-25
24    Identification of distribution and pedilogic and sedimentologic characteristics of loess deposits of Sarakhs area    M.Sc.    soodmand, ali    2012-06-25
25    Effects of «A 200» Super absorbent, bentonite amounts and irrigation on growth and yield of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.)    M.Sc.    valizadeh, akram    2012-06-25
26    Effect of topography and determination of the most important soil properties on gully erosion development in Ardebil area    Ph.D    shahab arkhazloo, hossein    2013-02-25
27    The effective rainfall intensity on runoff and soil erosion research stations Sanganeh    M.Sc.    mazloom ali abadi, uones    2013-05-06
28    Compost, humic acid and nano iron oxide effects on chemical properties of sodic soil,yield and yield components of mustard    M.Sc.    BAGHERI, AGHDAS    2013-05-06
29    Impact of municipal waste compost, titanium dioxide (Tio2) nanoparticles and humic acid in sodic soil properties, growth and yield of peppermint (Mentha pipenita)    M.Sc.    Karamad, Sudabeh    2013-05-06
30    The effect of water quality on structural and hydraulic properties of soil    M.Sc.    zaker, masumeh    2013-06-17
31    Study the effect of slope\\\'s gradient and aspect on parametrs of retention curve, pore size distribution index and soil quality    M.Sc.    soufi, mohammad bagher    2013-06-17
32    Comparison fractal dimension of solid particles and aggregates at different slopes and its relation to erosion rate    M.Sc.    padjand, mohamad javad    2013-06-17
33    Soil organic carbon variation along a climatic gradient trancet in Kermanshah Province    M.Sc.    mansoori, elham    2013-06-17
34    Effect of Compost and Chemical Fertilizers on Soil Properties and nitrate leaching in Different Soil Moisture Regimes under Paddy crop    Ph.D    Razavipour Koumleh, Teimour    2013-07-08
35    Monometal and competitive adsorption of Cd, Pb and Zn by humic and fulvic acids in a calcareous soil    M.Sc.    ghasemi, ehsanallah    2013-11-18
36    Efficiency evaluation of various organic and inorganic adsorbents on decreased availability of dissolved cadmium in soil    M.Sc.    khorshidi, fatemeh    2014-01-02
37    Study the effect of vetiver and polyacrylamide on water erosion and application of fractal dimensions to estimate unsaturated shear strength and soil erodibility    Ph.D    Amiri khaboushan, Elham    2014-01-22
38    The effect of potassium and sodium on clay dispersion, structural stability, mechanical resistance and some chemical soil properties    Ph.D    Farahani, Elham    2014-01-22
39    Investigation the effect of aluminum oxide(Al2o3), silica(Sio2) and organic¬matter on soil physical properties    Ph.D    moradi, navazollah    2014-06-22
40    Investigation The effect of Iron ,Zinc Nano particles, Humic Acid and Vermicompost on Qualitative and Quantitave Characteristics of Tomato    Ph.D    javaheri, saeid    2014-06-23
41    Movement and accumulation of Pb and Cd in soil and their adsorbtion in Turf and Rosemary plants in three regions of Mashhad city    Ph.D    shariati, mohsen    2014-06-25
42    Evaluation of application of some nitrogen management approaches with emphesizing on nitrogen fixing bacteria to increase N use efficiency in irrigated rice    Ph.D    Mohammadian, Mohammad    2014-07-02
43    Effect of some conditioners on evaporation rate from the soil surface    M.Sc.    shahraki, fatemeh    2014-11-10
44    Study the best practical vegetation and its effectiveness in outskirt of Mashhad to reduce soil erosion and increase water storage in the aquifers    M.Sc.    garmei, azam    2014-11-10
45    Effect of humic acid on phosphorus movement in calcareous soils    M.Sc.    Mahmodi, Hasan    2014-11-10
46    study the capability of municipal wastewater in Parkand Abad and its effectiveness on soil structural properties and introducing the best suitable plant species    M.Sc.    hajinamaki, saman    2014-11-24
47    The effect of organic matter on phosphorus availability of rock phosphate and some soil properties in wheat cultivation    M.Sc.    nazari, eshagh    2014-12-29
48    Effect of irrigation water salinity, humic acid, silicium (ordinary and nano) particles and mycorrhiza on soil properties, yield and nutrient content of millet (Panecum miliaceum)    Ph.D    ahmadi, mohammad    2015-01-31
49    Effect of Polyacrylamide and Magnetite Nanoparticles in Control of Water Erosion, Runoff and Heavy Metals Mobility in Soil    Ph.D    Roshani Zarmehri, Mohammad Reza    2015-02-14
50    Study the effect of crop pattern changes on soil quality in Nehbandan area    M.Sc.    mousavi, seyyed mohammad    2015-06-15
51    Effect of salinity conditioners on differnt concepts of plant available water in saline-sodic soils    Ph.D    NOSRATIMIANDOAB, AKRAM    2015-08-15
52    The effect of fire on soil physical properties and quality indices in different land uses (forest, grassland and agricultural)    M.Sc.    niknam, leyli    2015-09-14
53    study the effects of tillage management practices on soil quality indicator    M.Sc.    riahi nia, fateme    2015-09-14
54    Evalution the efficiency of mechanical and biological management practices on wind erosion in inTal Hamid rail way station of Tabas    M.Sc.    memarzadeh, mahsa    2015-11-23
55    The effect of Biochar on physiological, morphological and biochemical responses and accumulation of heavy metals lead and cadmium in Lettuce    Ph.D    Valizadeh, Akram    2016-05-17
56    Study the effect of forest land use changes to tea gardends on soil qulity and structure stability indicators (Case study: Guilan province)    Ph.D    gholoubi, azadeh    2016-05-18
57    The effect of zeolite, manure and vermicompost on growth and uptake of micronutrients in corn.    M.Sc.    taghdisi heydariyan, seyedeh zohreh    2016-08-08
58    Application of lignin and nano-lignin renewable (green) hydrogels loaded by urea in order to nitrogen and water supplying for Triticum aestivum L. under the drought stress    Ph.D    Mazloom, Najmeh    2016-11-09
59    Study the effects of different mulches on wind erosion of soil    M.Sc.    mina, monire    2016-12-05
60    The effect of pistachio shell biochar and barely residuels on water soil erosion and structural soil properties    M.Sc.    mashayekhi, rezvan    2016-12-05
61    Effect of tillage systems on indices of soil structural stability    M.Sc.    roshaniyan, mahtab    2016-12-26
62    The effect of nano iron and humic acid with compost of sheep rumen content on Some Properties of soil and turnip plant    M.Sc.    taheri, moosarreza    2016-12-26
63    Effect of nano zero valent Fe and humic acid on removal efficiency of chromium in contaminated soil and growth characterestic of lettuce    Ph.D    omidi, azadeh    2017-03-13
64    The effect of humic acid and zeolite on mercury in the saline soil and role of bacteria (Pseudomonas putida) on availability of mercury in Turnip plant (Brassica rapa)    Ph.D    Alsaleh, Alaaeddin    2017-04-26
65    Effect of Manure and potassium cation on hydrophobic and structural stability of soil    M.Sc.    gholami jami, somayeh    2017-05-08
66    Comparision gypsum and organic conditioners on strucurual properties and growth pproperies of pea in a saline sodic soil    M.Sc.    mousavi, azadeh sadat    2017-07-05
67    Study the effect of rock, topography and vegetation on moisture curve properties and soil structure stability indicators    M.Sc.    Zare, Mahmood    2017-11-06
68    Effect of sewage sludge and spent mushroom compost on soil characteristics and basil plant growth and yield under drought stress conditions    M.Sc.    khoshecharkh, Mohsen    2018-06-11